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An accomplished DevOps specialist can set up a fully automatic system, identify failures before they occur and eliminate any issues hassle-free and with minimum impact. If you only know how to do only one thing, it is likely that you have gaps in other areas. Create some machine learning prototypes, even if you are an Android developer. If you are a front-end developer, learn about backend or dive into the internals of Linux.

What is DevOps senior vs junior

With software engineers, we are guided by a widely-accepted system, which implies graduation from junior- to senior-level specialists. However, when it comes to DevOps, the gradation starts at the middle level and candidates must have at least 3 years of experience. It’s common for non-technical people to assume all developers are equal and developers are commodities and can be seen as technical resources.

898+ Junior Devops Engineer Jobs

It doesn’t matter what position you have in the company, but what value you bring to the team. By focusing on values and communication, you will see how the senior level comes around organically. In this article, I will clarify what mid-level developer and senior developer roles are all about to help you navigate through the tech landscape. As a CTO, I believe this topic to be critical to how we build Poland’s position in the IT outsourcing market. Strangely enough, DevOps is a craft you cannot simply learn in college.

  • You might be overwhelmed when you try to setup the codebase for the first time or you might not understand all of the code in it.
  • We focus on teamwork and cooperation, which is why we actually have several people on the border of mid and senior devs.
  • This, in turn, allows for discussing the principles of correct implementation and distinguishing good code from bad code.
  • For the record, junior developers are not expected to design any part of the architecture of the software.

At MasterBorn, we also have a place for great (sometimes outstanding) field experts who are sometimes difficult to communicate with. In such cases, my role is to manage the process and build a comfortable working environment for them (and the entire team). Check if the code can compile, or you forgot to import a library (good IDEs with this). Doing things right from the start is easier than redoing sloppy work. From the outset, write readable code, unit tests, do small refactors, etc. You cannot get better solely by reading, watching videos or attending training courses because you need to show you can implement the new knowledge and use it to create software.

Advice From a Software Engineer With 8 Years of Experience

On the other hand, junior developers will probably implement exactly what is stated in the requirements. This means, that an application works correctly (according to the “happy path”), but might crash after the user takes some non-standard action. There are many important differences between junior, mid-level, and senior developers.

This means that DevOps Engineering roles can branch out into very diverse topics. Here are a few job descriptions that I found just with a quick search on Indeed. If you’ve been recently hired as a Junior DevOps Engineer you might be asking yourself how you would prepare yourself for the role? Maybe you are a graduating senior looking to get your foot in the door in the tech industry, or even a system administrator making a move into the vastly growing cloud space. If you are looking for more insight into what your role might involve, the truth is, you could look through a lot of courses and tutorials, only to do something completely different in your job.

How to approach complex, open-ended tasks

DevOps are mostly people who switched from related fields and are often self-taught. Programming and computer networks are two disciplines that are most close to this field. The lion’s share of knowledge can be gained through online courses or self-education that involves reading specialized manuals. However, skilled programmers or network engineers do not necessarily want to switch to DevOps. Our experience at NCube shows that it is impossible to create DevOps remote teams of junior software developers.

What is DevOps senior vs junior

Successful projects always have good senior developers, and failing projects usually have poor senior developers. This isn’t always the case because poor leadership can nullify the effect of good senior developers with poor planning and decision making. Also, if you have trouble getting set up with the project, make sure to reach out to a team member. If the setup process is not documented that well, this could be a good opportunity for you to update the documentation so future developers will have a smoother onboarding process. I hope that this article showed you the importance of soft skills and where you should focus in your professional development to land the job of your dreams.

Main requirements for a junior developer

In my experience, middle devs are people who tend to be 26+ years old, but this isn’t a rule set in stone (so many people transition their careers to IT and become great developers too). A mid-level developer knows how to interact with other team members efficiently and effectively. And this particularly applies to those situations when it is difficult to reach consensus.

Ask questions on what you don’t understand and ask for help if you are stuck on an issue. But I would suggest checking in once in a while throughout the day just so you remain up to date on what is going on with your team and the project. These are individuals that have years of software experience and have to balance project management with people management.

Practical tips for those who want to advance in their careers

This, in turn, allows for discussing the principles of correct implementation and distinguishing good code from bad code. A mid-level developer is certainly familiar with standard templates and solutions when building an application in their field. They are not only familiar with certain solutions, but genuinely understands why they are needed, and knows when and how to apply them for the best effect.

What is DevOps senior vs junior

A good senior is always thinking about the end-point, so they can often solve problems even before these appear. For example, they think in advance about the bottlenecks of the system, remember vulnerabilities and problems caused by the improper use of tools. Code written by a senior developer will be made with maintainability and scalability in mind.

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